What is our advantage?

We come from an academic family, we both studied in USA and Europe, lived there and worked at University. We care ready to share all our experiences with You..


Message of Jevako Founder

​​Namaskar, I am Jeetendra born and educated in Mumbai and USA having vast experience in the aviation industry and business in Europe, I would like to guide young students to achieve a good lifestyle through quality education abroad.

             Jeetendra Varma

I am sure that my time when I was a student was really most beautiful period of my life. I love to remember my teachers, schoolmates, first love, no worries youth……. Amazing time between study, exams and dreams of prospect of the future….. And many years with my job with students and my college teachers at university definitely stopped my age…

I am here to help you to get a chance to experience the same happiness happened with me many years ago. I am here to guide you very good education which my motherland has offered for hundreds years…. Honestly, I am here for You….

                                               Blanka Jeetendra Varma